Sandgate weather

 Latitude S 27° 18' 50"    Longitude  E 153° 03' 34"    Elevation 00

Dawn: 00 Sunrise: 00 Moonrise: 00
Dusk: 00 Sunset:  00 Moonset: 00
Daylight: 00 Day length: 00 Moon Phase: 00
There will be 00 less daylight tomorrow

Welcome to Gary's weather page.
These pages are updated every 10 minutes or sooner. These observations have not been quality controlled. The meteorological day used at this station ends at 9 am.

Davis Forecast:00
Cumulus Forecast: 00.

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Conditions at local time 2014 Status: ?????
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature 00 °C 00 -00 °C/hr (3 hour average)
Apparent Temperature 00 °C Temp Change Last Hour 00 °C
Windchill 00 °C Dew Point 00 °C
Heat Index 00 °C Humidity 00%
THW Index (feels like) 00 °C
Rainfall Today 00 mm Rainfall Rate 00 mm/hr
Rainfall This Month 00 mm Rainfall This Year 00 mm
Rainfall Last Hour 00 mm Last Rainfall 2014
Rainfall Since Midnight 00 mm Rainfall Last 24 Hours 00
Wind Speed (gust) 00 kts Wind Speed (avg) 00 kts
Wind Bearing 00° 00 Beaufort 00 00
Wind Variation (last 10 minutes) From 00° To 00°
Barometer  00 mb 00 00 mb/hr
Rolling 12 Hour Chart
The Sun Now
Solar Radiation 0 W/m² Sun shining now? Below horizon
Sunshine today 0.0 hrs Evapotranspiration today 0.13 mm
UV Index 0.0
Solar X-rays  Solar Status Geomagnetic Field Geomagnetic Status

The EIT 304 Sun Now The EIT 171 Sun Now The LASCO C3 Sun Now

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